A New Level of Traveling: 5 Features of Authorial Tourism

Authorial tourism is gaining popularity since hot deals do not allow you to fully understand the life and culture of the chosen country. This makes travelers pay attention to an atypical solution and try authorial tourism to see the country from all sides. What does distinguish authorial tourism from the usual one?

1. There is not just a guide, but a mastermind

It's not for nothing that authorial tours are called so: you follow not just a guide but the creator of this route, who provides you with their unique and professional vision of the chosen country. They put a part of themselves into it, and the tour will be full of the thoughts of the mastermind. This person does not work, but they live by their travels, and it is important for them to show everything the way that a big tour company cannot show. However, this does not mean that you will be immersed in wild conditions, it will be rather about non-standard ones, which will help look at the world with different eyes.

2. The opportunity to get a unique experience

The authorial tour is different in that you walk on the uncharted territory and enjoy things, which are not available for the lovers of package tours. Each direction is unique! For example, an authorial guide can offer their clients to taste rose petal cakes in Paris, which are made only in one pastry shop in the whole world. You can look at the fossilized dinosaur footprints, imprinted on the wet coastal sand of Portugal more than 176 million years ago.

3. Greater immersion in culture and history

Stereotypical thinking can limit all options for cultural saturation. For example, if you contact an ordinary travel agent because you want to learn about medieval castles, you will be offered to go to England, Germany, the Czech Republic, France or Spain. A rare tourist will be lucky to learn about the Scandinavian castles and ruins in Denmark and Sweden. But a well-organized authorial tour will help answer the most unusual questions and get to know the centuries-old culture of nations closer.

4. Active vacation in unusual places

If you do not like the vacation, which include only an all-inclusive program, the authorial tours will be able to give you unforgettable emotions from traveling across natural sights. Yes, it will be a challenge, which will allow you to see places that no one tourist bus will get to. For example, Madagascar Natural Parks, Australia’s caves and reefs, volcanic plateaus, and bathing in Iceland’s thermal springs, etc. It is about those things that the usual tour operator won’t just dare to offer.

5. Atmospheric expedition tours

This type of tourism allows you to fully immerse yourself in the life and cultural characteristics of the chosen country. For example, “The Silk Road tour” will make it possible to feel like a medieval caravan, crossing the Karakum Desert on foot and on a camel. You will be able to enjoy stunning savannah foothills, rare animals and plants of the Badhyz State Nature Reserve.